Seniors are Seeking Cannabis!

By Tracey ~ Lola

Many states are becoming medically and recreationally legal, leading to more studies, by doctors and researchers, on the endocannabinoid system (only recently discovered in 1995). The medicinal use freedom has also led to positive feedback from patients, no longer afraid to share their success stories.  It seems more and more seniors are choosing to take their health into their own hands and they are being drawn to the benefits of cannabis, due to the lack of side effects. The loved ones, of seniors, are also tired of seeing their parents and grandparents take up to 20 prescription medications per day and they are seeking more information on the multiple uses and benefits of cannabis.

Seniors commonly suffer from loss of appetite (a possible med side effect) Pain, sleep disorders, insomnia and anxiety which leads to many psychoactive prescriptions. Psychoactive drugs change our brain chemistry yet, the Washington post wrote that “less than 50% of seniors who are prescribed psychoactive drugs are required to have a mental health diagnosis”. They also said that researchers estimate “seniors between 65-69 take an average of five medications per day which jumps 46% for seniors between ages 70-79”. “11% of senior women, over 65, abuse prescription meds” and it’s scary to think that it is expected to double by 2020. In fact; The Administration for community living (, which is part of the department of health services, reported in 2012 that “1.2% of Americans abusing drugs (911,000 people) will grow by 100% to 2.4% (2.7 million people)”. There is also a report indicating that 15% of med related problems, reported each year, of which half, of the cases, were likely preventable. For instance many dizzy spells, that lead to senior falls, now thought to be caused by mixing multiple medications. It is no surprise that Seniors are tired of being the guinea pigs of pharmaceutical companies and are seeking cannabis as a medicinal alternative. It may not be such a bad idea, since the endocannabinoid system is responsible for managing how the body eats, sleeps, relaxes and protects itself. A Cannabinoid Deficiency may be behind senior’s common imbalances of which, too much or too little may be preventing the system from working properly.

So, what if seniors want to try Cannabis? Where can they go? Where can they safely obtain it with adequate information about the products? What about seniors who don’t drive, are disabled or are still feeling guilty, from the stigma surrounding cannabis, and are afraid to be socialized with stoners?  Walking into a dispensary, where there are too many choices of different strains and forms of cannabis, can be overwhelming and embarrassing to ask all of the necessary questions with the pressure of a line of people behind them. These common complaints, and fears, are exactly why I created a delivery service, and a number of cannabis products, catering to the needs of seniors. Seniors Seeking Cannabis will officially be on the California legal market in just a few short weeks.   

With Senior Seeking Cannabis we wanted to take a different approach on how to build a cannabis business. We wanted to provide a service, in the safety and comfort of their own home, so that the average senior could ask questions without fear or pressure. When we go into their homes, we allow them to invite up to 20 people who are interested in cannabis as a medicine. We are not there to convince anyone to start using cannabis. We are simply there to educate them about how the Endocannabinoid system works cohesively, in mammal bodies, and why we believe cannabis is the best food for that system. We explain how very different cannabis is, from back in the 60’s and 70’s, and that everyone reacts differently to dose amounts, terpenes and strains, so they should start small. We advise that they discuss adding cannabis with their doctors, so they can determine if and how it will interact with their other prescription drugs. We demonstrate, and educate, on cannabis usage and varieties as well as allowing guests to order from our delivery service, which is delivered to them either at the party or at their homes within the same day. It is the goal of Seniors Seeking Cannabis to inform seniors, about all aspects of cannabis, so that they can make the best choices possible for their wellness!

My Name is Tracey ~ Lola, and I began my experience in the cannabis industry by making cannabis medicine for my dear friend’s 90-year-old Noni. I started with edibles, then balms and tinctures. From Noni came many more seniors interested in what Noni was taking. Soon all my friends and their families were requesting my products to help their loved ones, which inspired me to create medicine for cancer patients. I began donating and driving to their homes to explain the medicine, I was making, and how it was intended to work. Over time, when I would go to a home for delivery there would be several people there to listen in and learn. This is made me realize that seniors needed more of a personal care experience. I began designing a business plan as soon as my city began creating an ordinance in 2015. Today I love my job! Every visit and group education session are a joy to be part of. I see lives changing, every day, and it fulfills me in ways that I never imagined possible. All my gratitude goes to my seniors, family and friends who have tested my products and helped me make them wonderful and effective. I look forward to our future in the cannabis world. If you are interested in more information or setting up a visit please contact me at